Cornelly's ICT career started in 1987. Since these years she has amassed a lot of experience while implementing methods, techniques and tools for systems development in various assignments for different clients. She also worked for many years as a trainer and coach in information planning, information analysis, functional design of systems and soft skills. During this period, she has successfully fulfilled the roles of trainer, coach, change agent and process engineer. She still enjoys being a process improvement specialist par excellence.

In recent years, Cornelly's focus has included "quality management, delivery process improvement, and maintaining the quality requirements" on organizational level. Some good examples of where Cornelly has used many of her skills and experience are firstly the program to become CMMI Maturity Level 5 compliant and secondly, the innovative program to set up, maintain and innovate processes and services in the acceleration delivery center of engagements.

By nature Cornelly is authentic and inquisitive and she finds enjoyment in the challenge of stimulation and motivating of professionals to innovate, share their knowledge and put this knowledge into practice.

Recently Cornelly decided to use her knowledge and experience to become a life-coach.


Co-Active Coach

Private / April 2015 - Present

Cornelly is a private coach based on the Co-Active principles.
Capgemini introduced the Counselor Model for people management. More than 200 counselors are being crammed with various trainings to enable them to fullfill their counselor role as good as possible. One of the training modules is the workshop "Conversation Techniques", where the counselors learn to deal with the right way to communicate in various situations. Using the coaching skills, in August & September 2015, Cornelly fulfulls the role as observator and continuously provides feedback to the counselors during these trainings Conservation Techniques.

Method & Innovation Lead ACE

Capgemini / January 2012 - Present

Maintain the Quality Management system (Methods, Techniques & Tools)
Maintain the process to define, develop and implement delivery services
Accountability for the whole life cycle of the improvement process of delivery services

Method & Innovation Lead

Capgemini Netherlands BV/ 2001 - Present

Cornelly facilitated the development and deployment of various Capgemini methods, amongst others:
- UPM: Unified Project management framework
- IDF: Infrastructure Design Framework
- SEMBA: Structured Expert Method for Business Analysis
- DD: Due Diligence Method
- ECMIF: Enterprise Content Management Implementation Framework
But also techniques sets like:
- IRMA: Integrated Requirements Approach
- CASA: Capgemini Accelerator for Software Architecture

Managing Consultant; Corporate Standards & Methods Faculty Manager

Capgemini Netherlands BV/ September 1987 - Present

Cornelly fulfilled various roles, amongst others:
- Facilitator, Coach and coordinator of innovative projects regarding productivity improvement and cost reduction;
- Faculty Manager Corporate Curriculum of the Project Center;
- Coordinator Methods development and method deployment;
- Methodologist;
- Implementer of methods and tools in organisations;
- Trainer and coach information planning, Information Analysis, Functional Design at Academy.

Process Improvement Specialist - CMMI

Capgemini Netherlands - Application Services Two / August 2013 - April 2015

During this program, Capgemini achieved the CMMI Maturity Level 5 certification for both applications Development (AD) and Services (SVC). Cornelly was a team member of the P.I.E.G (Process Improvement & Excellence Group) and was responsible for creating the (statistical process control) processes and making these available for engagements; and for guiding the improvement process.

Software Quality Advisor

Capgemini / January 2012 - August 2013

Cornelly fulfilled the role of software quality advisor during the CMMI Maturity Level 3 assignment of the organization.